“Freedom from feminine abuse to embracing your unique purpose as a woman” workshop

Have you ever experienced any form of abuse or abandonment in your life?

     Would you like to live a life of meaning and purpose that makes a difference in the world?


Welcome to a unique workshop to help 11 women to heal and let go of abuse & abandonment so that you can learn to love & accept your feminine self. Hence living a life of purpose & meaning so you can make a difference in the world.

All my life, since I was a child, I have felt a strong sense of purpose to my life. I always felt I was here to do something to make a big difference to the world. Unfortunately, childhood sexual abuse, emotional abandonment and a stammer dented my identity. Only once I started healing and letting go of my emotional pain and wounds, was I able to start living a life of purpose where I feel I am fulfilling my destiny.

Right now, it so happens, I am called to do the same for people like myself. Although, I am only called to support women right now. The reason for this is because I believe the feminine with all it’s qualities such as love, empathy & nurturing are what will help make the world a better place. Having coached umpteen women, I predict that women are the ones that will “save the world”


“Vineet has shown me an incredible way of living. He has coached me through my core emotional issues and helped me heal myself. He was the first man who was there to support me and listen to me on my journey – Natalia Kalenova


The aim of this workshop

  1. Start to heal & let go of emotional pain & wounds of feminine abuse & abandonment so you can return back to feeling peaceful & happy.
  2. Learn to connect with your innate feminine creative impulse so can start living a life of purpose and meaning

For whom?

  • You are likely to be a sensitive yet a “closet powerful” women
  • You probably had a painful childhood which is the source of your emotional pain & suffering today
  • Successful and smart woman yet you don’t fully accept yourself as a woman, relative to men in a so called masculine world
  • In a successful career or job yet you know you could be having a greater impact in the world
  • At a cross roads in your life, make a change or give up on who your truly are meant to be
  • Wanting to have a deeper more loving connection to life and the divinity behind life.


If you would like to learn more about how abuse & abandonment tends to affect most people, please click this link for a video conversation on this topic with my fellow abuse transformation coach & ex-coaching client Pinky Jangra 


“My journey of emotional & spiritual healing with Vineet has allowed me to love and accept myself & my worthiness as a woman. I now see endless possibilities & opportunities in alignment to my life purpose, Where once I so no hope. I have learned to have faith and trust that someone always has my back” – Ashna Sharma 


Benefits of attending the seminar

  • Abuse & abandonment healing, whether that is sexual, physical, emotional or neglect
  • Transform other emotional pain so that you can let go of suffering & start experiencing peace & happiness
  • Let go of common emotions that inhabit the feminine, body shame, guilt for having feminine qualities “in a man’s World”
  • Learn to let go of not feeling safe & protected as a woman, so you can embrace your feminine fully 
  • Learn to feel good enough as a woman, so you no longer compare yourself to men
  • Learn to harness your sensitivity, as opposed to denying it out of societal norms
  • Learn to step into your feminine power, as opposed to resorting to masculine way of force
  • Let go of unconscious belief that women are weaker than men

Meaning you are starting to love & accept your feminine self. At this point in the seminar, you will

  • Connect to your feminine creativity
  • learn to listen to your intuitive guidance
  • Live from your authentic self, as opposed to the mask that you were forced wear out of safety & protection
  • Learn expression with being fearful of speaking up
  • Learn to live the truth in your heart
  • Connect to your unique talents and gifts, so you can start living a life that is true to you


“I have nothing but the utmost respect for Vineet. I had long term, deep rooted issues that were causing me to stand still and not move forward no matter how much I wanted to. Vineet held my hand and went at a pace that was manageable for me and helped me to unblock the childhood issues that were causing me pain and get my life flowing again. He has taught me things that I have never read in the self help books that I had previously read and has given me the strength to find self love so that I can be the woman I want to be. Vineet is more than an amazing emotional-transformation coach, he has also become a friend. I would recommend Vineet to anyone that isn’t living the life they deserve yet”  – Sam Crane 



Features of the workshop

This is a practical and experience based seminar, where you will experience change on the day.

  • You shall be learning my Close The Gap methodology that I created as a result of working with 100’s of emotional transformation coaching clients, which helps people to live their truth.
  • You shall also learn my Emotional Acceptance tool that helps people to naturally let go of emotional pain & wounds from the past
  • You will learn what I call mirror consciousness, a way to spiritually perceive the world so that you can see that life is always on your side & take back your feminine power and responsibility. 
  • And finally, learning my Creative Acceptance method that helps you to listen and act on your inner guidance.




£99 is your investment to attend the workshop. Purchase your ticket via the paypal buy now button below. Thank you

  • The workshop is a whole day seminar, from 10am to 6pm. Being held in London. Venue to be confirmed.
  • Only 11 tickets available for this workshop because the intention is to create the biggest transformation possible for each person & this is not possible with lots of people.
  • One on one attention will also be possible, as there shall be three other emotional transformation coaches available, who have been trained by me.


MY PROMISE. Being a man of integrity, if you get to the end of the workshop and you feel your expectations have not been met, I will offer you a free one to one intuitive emotional transformation coaching session (£125 to my city clients) to ensure your need has been served. 


“I have been on this self transforming journey with Vineet for a while. The amount of progress I have made in just 4 months is a miracle; it is all down to his determination & inspiration. We took a step forward every single day and I have found him supporting and encouraging me on every step. I remember when we started he said to me “give me all your problems and I shall deal with it” he did stick to his words and he had all the possible solutions for my problems. He has changed my perception towards everything in life.This journey is made up of regular sessions and everyday tasks. After each session I have felt progress and peace. But I have to say that the key to my journey have been honesty and acceptance. All I can say is his efforts have not only given me wings but lot of confidence and power to fly high as I want” Priya Budikar 



“Today I am truly blessed to have worked with Vineet because I believe he is one of the most heartfelt, honest and loving transformation teachers on this planet. I have such awareness now that when life does rear its ugly head I have the compassion and love to coach myself through it. His gift is the ability to intuitively help you tune in to your own guidance and help you trust and have faith in yourself on this journey of life. From this place we can then start living life from a place of love and purpose.”  Justin Carr



“Vineet is an extraordinary man & coach. He can always be relied upon to deliver a new perspective from the heart. His powerful intuition & guidance have helped me through some of my most challenging times. He has a no nonsense approach to healing through spirituality and psychosomatic. I trust him implicitly to serve the highest good of all. A beautiful soul” – Tabitha Ellis