Here are a select few testimonials from people that I’ve coached in recent times. 

“Vineet has shown me an incredible way of living. I met him during book lunch one of our friend in common. Straight away I felt connected to him and I felt that what he was saying some how rings a bell inside of me. I contacted him again and we met in the park. We started talking and I realised that I need healing from this person. Next time we met I started talking and he could straight away point out what was my core issue. It was so painful to realise it and it is so much easier just to run away, but he was there for me to help and guide me through this difficult but great journey. I also realised he was the first man in my life who was there for me to listen to me and believe in me that I could heal myself and have much better life. Vineet was not only during sessions with me but also helping me and supporting every day or when I needed it. I have learnt so much from this wonderful person, so much healing. Vineet is an important person in my life and I will always remember you and talk about you to other people with pride. Thank you so much. I send you lots of love.” Natalia Kalenova


“If I was head teacher of my own school then Vineet’s teachings would be the first subject on the course curriculum. During my 6 month coaching journey with Vineet I learnt from the very first day to stop running away from all the pain I was feeling in my life and to face it head on as it was no longer serving me. He helped me to shine the mirror in my face and to have the courage to look into the mirror.

As he guided me on this journey I learnt about all the emotions in the body and how to handle those emotions as and when they came up. He helped me to really understand that everything on the outside was as a result of what was going on in the inside. To me this was so profound and it rippled through all areas of my life with friends, family and work.

Today I am truly blessed to have worked with Vineet because I believe he is one of the most heartfelt, honest and loving spiritual teachers on this planet. I have such awareness now that when life does rear its ugly head I have the compassion and love to coach myself through it. His gift is the ability to intuitively help you tune in to your own guidance and help you trust and believe in yourself on this journey of life. From this place we can then start living life from a place of love and grounded spirituality.”  Justin Carr


“I choose to work with Vineet because it became clear to me that I had some deep rooted ideas/beliefs that was showing up all over my life and affecting my existence day to day, belief’s that seemed so engrained that nothing else I knew was able to touch them. I had no idea what would ‘happen’ so to speak but trusted that here I was, this is what was in front of me and to step forward, without exactly knowing what I was stepping into. Vineet sat with me and worked with me to let the most deep and most treacherous thoughts and feelings surface, stuff that I didn’t even consciously know was there, but he did. He patiently and lovingly worked through all my resistance and made it perfectly OK to go into an extremely vulnerable space. I experienced what I can only describe as pre-verbal somatic feelings rise to consciousness and Vineet helped me to open and let go of these as horrible as that was. The feeling of release seemed to come from my cells, from all over my body as I felt an always present anxiety and fear disappear. Only in its absence could I recognise its presence. It felt absolutely awful to be honest, and I can completely understand why we do not under any circumstance want to re-feel these feelings and push them deep into our unconscious but also in doing so, they never quite go away.

In the space that was created in the departure of these devastating feelings, came rushing in an indescribable feeling of love, connectedness, peace and overwhelming joy. That feeling of being so wide open and free has never left me, and continues to work on me, teaching and changing me from the inside out.Realising, facing and letting go of the deep pain and suffering that I was carrying ended that sense of disconnection and inability to trust in others and in life that I had. It manifested as a deep belief that I had to work for love and I had to work hard to make life happen the way I wanted it to. Those belief’s were driving me into the ground.

After my sessions with Vineet, the next day I met the woman of my dreams, my future wife, in the most amazing, connected and mind-blowing way. We saw each other, felt each other and opened our hearts that day, with complete trust, excitement and love. THE VERY NEXT DAY! No one can say for sure, that if I didn’t work with Vineet and take the opportunity that was there whether she would have seen me, whether I would have seen her and whether we would have connected in the way that we did, because there are no guarantee’s in life. But what I can say, from my own experience from where I am now looking back on where I was is this: Life is magical. It continually opens and reveals itself to us and invites us to go deeper. And with each treacherous step into her we go, she reveals her bounty to us. Not because it wasn’t there, but because we could not see it and we could not hold it.

I am deeply grateful to Vineet, not so much for what he did (as he himself says that he hardly ‘did’ anything) but because of who he is. He is a man of love and integrity and who walks his own path bravely. His simple invitation is to help others do the same. He opens to life and incredible things happen, and my experience is the same. Seriously consider working with Vineet, he will take you deeply into your ‘stuff’ and guide you through to the other side. As far as tour guides go he’s definitely got what it takes: he knows the territory, he’s walked it for years, he’s helped many many others. Now, no guarantees, but you ready to take a ride?”           Bruce Hurd 


“Vineet has coached me for over 18 months now and has helped me face my biggest fears and insecurities and thereby work towards my business goals and big desire all of which are now manifesting. He is an exceptional coach and healer with a great heart and I would highly recommend him. I am now so much successful, stronger, happier and more conscious.” Adam Tallamy



“My journey of emotional and spiritual healing with Vineet has allowed me to identify my emotional blockages- those I was subtly aware of, and those that I didn’t even consciously know existed, until they were uncovered through my healing. My journey of healing  has allowed me to love and accept myself and my worthiness, and to embrace my darkness and my light, leading me towards personal happiness, fulfillment and growth.  My healing has allowed me discover my truth and to embark on a path that is inline with my life purpose.As I continue on this journey, I know that are endless possibilities and opportunities , where once I saw no hope. I have learnt the power of letting go, and having faith and trust in my intuition, and knowing that someone always has my back.I now see each day as an opportunity for Healing, Happiness and Love….I am connected back to God and back to Love!” Ashna Sharma


“I have nothing but the utmost respect for Vineet. I had long term, deep rooted issues that were causing me to stand still and not move forward no matter how much I wanted to. Vineet held my hand and went at a pace that was manageable for me and helped me to unblock the issues that were causing me pain and get my life flowing again.He has taught me things that I have never read in the many self help books that I had previously read and has given me the strength to find self love so that I can be the person I want to be and do the things that I want to do.Each session is interesting and different and he always pays special attention to what you are dealing with at the time and what your needs are.Vineet shows incredible honesty and understanding. His way of coaching enables you to learn and grow no matter how difficult the issues are that you are facing.In a short space of time I felt more relaxed and at peace than I ever felt and still have the passion and the desire to pursue the life that I want.I have been able to enjoy doing things that previously seemed impossible. Vineet is more than an amazing emotional transformational coach, he has also become a friend, and I would recommend Vineet to anyone who is not yet living the life they deserve to live.”  Sam Crane 


“I have been on this self transforming journey with Vineet for a while. The amount of progress I have made in just 4 months is a miracle; it is all down to his determination & inspiration. We took a step forward every single day and I have found him supporting and encouraging me on every step. I remember when we started he said to me “give me all your problems and I shall deal with it” he did stick to his words and he had all the possible solutions for my problems. He has changed my perception towards everything in life.This journey is made up of regular sessions and everyday tasks. After each session I have felt progress and peace. But I have to say that the key to my journey have been honesty and acceptance. All I can say is his efforts have not only given me wings but lot of confidence and power to fly high as I want” Priya Budikar