Radical 90 day “Activate and Execute Your Higher Purpose” Coaching Programme


………..for successful people who are ready to live their purpose successfully.




A proven 4 step process to live your higher purpose successfully!

Feel amazing on the inside

Discover your true self

Feel deeply connected to life

Make a difference in the world with your unique purpose


Over a 90 day period, you will go through my unique Purpose Process Methodology designed to create an emotional transformation, spiritual reconnection with your heart and Activate and Executing your unique purpose successfully.

(Please refer to past programme client testimonials below)


The Pain

This programme is designed for successful people, who don’t feel good enough to execute their purpose powerfully. There is usually a lack of fulfillment and contentment. Always feeling disappointed in yourself


Maybe you don’t feel loved on some level hence hold yourself back from living your highest potential. You live in a defensive state, as opposed to an offensive state. Protecting yourself, as opposed to opening yourself up to what life can really offer you. Disconnected from yourself and other people in general.


At the extreme end, may be you are at a crisis point? Now or never!. If you were honest, may be a breakdown of your inner world is occurring. You need to find yourself again. You are probably asking the big questions, who am I and why am I here? You are probably at the point where you want answers & solutions. It’s time for a change.  


What outcome do you want from this radical 90-day programme?

If you are reading this, I assume you want to live your purpose successfully? If so, what does this look like? What does it mean to impact people by being who you are truly meant to be? By shining your true self, what positive impact will it have on your life?


If you have this gold standard of life, in this programme, you will not only achieve the purpose that is in your heart, you will feel fulfilled and contented. Feel free and peaceful. Being yourself, in your power and be able to influence others for the better. To be able to express yourself powerfully. A real love and acceptance for yourself. Access to the abundance of life. Deeply connected to your spirit and life.


A place where you feel alive again. A place where life matters. Happy at your core.


The process

For you to transition from where you are right now to live a higher purpose successfully within 90 days, there is a process that one has to go through.


The Purpose Process Methodology

  • Mind The Gap
  • Feel it process
  • Heart Activation
  • Intuitive Action
    ——>Execute your higher purpose successfully now


1.Mind the Gap is a method for being able to gain awareness of the unconscious and conscious emotions (and thoughts) that are stopping you from either getting what you really want, eg a purposeful & meaningful life. Without awareness you powerless in making a change in your life.

2.The feel it process is a natural way of being able to let go of negative emotions that are causing you any pain or suffering. Eg.  The empty feelings within. The aim of the feel it process is to have you feeling good about yourself and life. We all know that when we feel positive on the inside, it makes us believe that anything is possible. So your primary purpose in life is to feel good unconditionally. When you feel good, your external purpose follows.  This is also where we remove societies conditions imposed upon you, which you have been living by unconsciously but haven’t given you what you wanted.

3. Heart Activation. Once you have removed the inner emotional turbulence, you are able to hear your heart. This reconnection with your heart is what allows for you to discover your unique purpose, which consists of all your hidden gifts and talents that were mostly shelved out of a lack of support or appreciation as a young person. This is also a space where you find radical self-acceptance.

4. Intuitive action is where you start acting on the hidden purpose and calling that has become clearer to you. These actions come from a place of inner guidance, as opposed to following other people’s way of doing things. You approve of yourself to act from a place of resonance. Make no mistake, this is a place of massive action.


………Welcome to the place where you are living your purpose successful……


Benefits from participation in the 90 day programme

  • Discover & live your higher purpose successfully, consisting of your unique gifts and talents. A purpose that gives you greater fulfillment and contentment than any other success thus far

The specificity of what living one’s higher purpose looks like, will be clarified on an individual basis so that a clear intention is put in place. This will activate the guarantee. Hence no risk for you.

  • Let go of negative emotions such as not feeling good enough or not feeling loved so that you can feel positive within yourself. Find peace, joy, and freedom within yourself
  • Find your true self. The authentic self. (Radical Self Acceptance)
  • Develop a deeper connection with yourself, relationships with people and life itself.
  • Find your unique voice so that powerful expression can emerge
  • Trust yourself and your inner guide/intuition
  • Success that is aligned with who you really are, hence satisfying, fulfilling and life affirming


Features of the programme

  • One to one intuitive coaching session – once a week over 12 weeks (in person)
  • Practical implementation of the methodologies and processes to produce real life results/outcomes.
  • A safe space, where you are handheld to the place you want to get to.
  • Unconditional support for you to know that you will have success

Who is the programme for

  • For people that are willing to transform their world. I,e, willing to change
  • For people willing to be honest with themselves
  • For people who are 100% committed to producing the programme result of LIVING YOUR PURPOSE (Not talking about it)
  • Before you are accepted onto the programme, you are expected to meet a criteria that ensures you are the sort of person who will put in 100% effort to achieve success.

Investment for programme

This 90-day programme is £3000.  

This is a result guaranteed programme. Therefore if you put in all the effort agreed as per contract and don’t get the agreed result at the end of the 90 day programme, you will be offered free coaching until you get to achieve the outcome. No risk!


Call to Action – If you are interested in this coaching programme, please email me at care@vineetbhatia.co.uk and we can arrange a consultation to see whether the programme and you are a good fit. 



“Vineet has helped me to start living the calling that has always been in my heart. I am now providing coaching and healing services for women in Russia. Thank you” Natalia Kalenova


“As a guide and coach, he has shown me my true path. I now specialise in coaching men to overcome anxiety, as I suffered from anxiety for many years, before Vineet helped me get rid of this anxiety” Justin Carr


“It’s amazing, after seeking so much help that just didn’t work, Vineet managed to get to the root in every session. Most notable he helped me to overcome self-sabotage and procrastination, so I could start doing the work that I know I am here to do” Vincent Giten Millet


“I have been feeling enormously confused about how to be the steward of my gifts to the world. How do I live a purpose driven heart centered life? Wow, it was a great experience. I felt uplifted from our interaction. My favorite thing was that he came from an intuitive place about what areas I need to address. What he said rang true in a deep way. It satisfied my intellect and my spirituality. We addressed 5 key points I need to focus on, which really gave me something to chew on. I know I have a very individualistic and unique set of specific blocks in my life for a specific Karmic purpose and I feel Vineet’s intuition will allow our interactions to be very fruitful. Blessings to this man” – Alex Michael Josue Leyva


“I was blessed by Vineet by sharing his intuitive wisdom about myself. What he shared with me was spot on and gave much support, encouragement and in a professional, yet loving way. He truly has the gift of being able to guide and help others with their future. Thank you so much, Vineet for blessing my life. – CJ Millette


“This was a totally unexpected for me. I actually expected that he wasn’t that good and that I couldn’t learn more from him. What he did, and I can’t really describe it with words-He was my spiritual guide and showed me my path which I have been asking for, for a long time. He was so intuitively, and what he said was so right it was almost scary. He set the beginning to my journey and this is really what I needed from my heart. I would really say that he just wants to give and help from his heart, so he is an amazing person and a call will give you so much clarity it’s almost a mirror, scary but SO valuable. Thank you so much, Vineet.” Jesse Van Dijk


“My sessions with Vineet was overwhelming in a good way.  but in the way, I needed so I could be pointed in the right direction. I’m the kinda person who asks the question WHY a lot, why am I like this? I feel like he really broke through my own shell to start to clarify that. To know that I am worth more than I’m allowing myself to be is fulfilling! Very scary, but sorting through these emotions is necessary.It’s like I didn’t have to pay a ton for him to just know!! Excited to follow the direction of where this takes me!! “ Jamie Hart


ACT NOW. Life doesn’t wait for you, get out your head. Everything to gain……..




Vineet Bhatia – Emotional transformation coach, teacher and soon to be the author of The Purpose Process. And a leader of uber successful people, leading them to their higher purpose.


Why £3000 investment? 

Having putting umpteen people through this program, I can vouch for the result that I promise. So £3k investment is a small amount for one to be able to live a happy life of meaning and purpose. How much do we spend on cars? It’s a lot more. This investment changes your life for the better forever. When someone wants a change in their life, they can get pretty resourceful to have the means to get what they want.

Do I really have the time to commit to such a programme? 

It’s not that you don’t have time. It’s more that you can’t afford to not to have time. Time waits for no one. Life passes us by. So if you value the outcome and result promised in this programme, you will make time.

Why do you qualify people for this programme? 

Because, truth be told, not everyone is ready to do the hard work to create the change in their life. Therefore I can’t spoon feed you the result. Hence I weed out people that I can’t help and won’t be open to support. And this is not a marketing scheme. I am just being honest about the ambition and possibility that this programme offers.


Call to Action – If you are interested in this coaching programme, please email me at care@vineetbhatia.co.uk and we can arrange a consultation to see whether the programme and you are a good fit.