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Does your life have any purpose?

No they won’t. Let me explain why. Mondays were never meant to give you the blues. This is a farce that we were duped into believing. A propaganda that was designed to train us to be good consumers, when really we were meant to be creators. The following is an attempt to reignite your creative essence. The real you. Your calling.

Are you searching for something in life? Do you find that your life feels empty? Is there a constant murmur of pain in the background? A dark whole that you are trying to avoid. If you are a human and not a mere machine, you can probably identify with these questions. Either they were applicable to you at some point in your recent past or this is what you are experiencing right now.

What we as a human family share in common, all 7 billion of us is that each of us is here for a reason. We have a special place in the heart of the universe. We are unique aspects of consciousness expressing itself. You and I, both have a purpose in this incarnation. It is impossible to not have one because I’m no more important or special than you are. Therefore if I feel there is a purpose for me, then there must be one for you to.

What I’m trying to express is that you have a purpose here on planet earth. You may know this or you may not. Regardless, you should know the planet has less meaning or direction without your participation. Without you living and playing your individual role, your calling, one critical element on the star ship that is earth, is missing. Meaning the combination code to open the doors to a greater promise can not be opened until you put your part of the code into the combination. You are THAT important. Whether you see this, feel this or believe this, I just want you to know this!

How can I say this with such confidence? It’s because since i’ve known, I’ve had a very strong sense of purpose & calling in my life. The yearning to fulfil this unique destiny that I’ve felt has always been very strong. Strong to the point that I have faced adversity after adversity just to live and execute my calling.

I was disenchanted for years, at the thought of living a life that lacked depth and meaning. The pain of just surviving was to much for my soul to bare. The whole idea of literally feeling dead, even though I’m alive physically, filled me with excruciating pain.

howling_at_the_moon_by_zanardo Imagine a wolf in pain, howling in front of a full moon. That is the level of pain that I have felt when I ver off course, away from my calling. Put another way, when I am moving away from being ME, it reflects with the anguish I feel in my body.

Today I was at a party, whilst observing human beings(my fav hobby), it suddenly dawned upon me, as I felt into the collective feeling of those gathered (which happens to be a common feeling that I pick up upon when immersed in human gatherings) that there was a disconnection from life. I severing of what should be a natural connection to life. A sheer dissatisfaction and discontent which arose from not knowing WHY they are here. Now I’m not saying that everyone is aware that this is what is missing but what I can be sure of is that people are aware that something is missing.

I first started coaching in 2008. What I coached was all about quitting your 9to5 and starting a business that you loved. A way for people to live their calling, you could say. In hindsight, I can tell you that your calling is not about running a business. It is about giving yourself permission to be YOU. We all know, when we are being ourselves or not. When you are being you, the chances are fairly high that you will be living your calling. Only the failure to be you, which is pretty much what happens amongst the population, do you fail and lose your sense of purpose. This is a great video by Gary Vaynerchuk about being you.

I feel qualified to tell you and who ever wants to listen that the missing piece in your existence is that you are not living your calling. That part of you that yearns to make a difference, when ignored, is what starts to create a void in your life.

You are here to add something to the collective human experience. There is a sense of the direction that you are to take. You owe it to yourself and to the universe that you fulfil the bargain you made before you entered into physical embodiment.

For me, my journey has gone full circle. I started on a conscious life path by teaching all about one’s calling and one’s destiny that unlocks when we live who were are meant to be. Now after eight years, I’m at the same place, albeit at a greater vantage point, helping successful professional, business women who are ready to make a difference in the world. I share this with you because I want to remind you that there is order amongst the chaos in your life. This order is trying to reveal your calling.

What ever you do, please listen and act upon this sense that you here for a reason. Please for God sake, give yourself a break by walking in the direction of your calling. You really matter!

Life is just to painful and burdensome to not live your calling. I know it first hand & I don’t want this pain for you, I want triumph and jubilation for you but this is only possible if you forget your small mindedness and start with soul mindedness.

Before I leave you, i’d like to start you on your journey with two things. One, there is much wisdom when I say to you, be YOU! In YOU, you will discover all you need to know about why you are here and what special mission has been assigned to you.

Finally there is a brillant article that you should read that contains the letter that Hunter S Thompson wrote to a friend about what to do with his life.

By the way, if this blog post has touched your heart in any way, please do share this with your loved ones. You never know whose life you might touch by sharing this. Thank you.

Much love


P.S. Be YOU! You is where the party is.

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