The professional and the personal 

Let’s begin with the professional first. I am an emotional-transformation coach and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) expert. I help people to let go of emotional pain and suffering, so that they can lead authentic lives that are true to their hearts. I am the creator of the Emotional Acceptance Tool that helps people to heal conscious and unconscious negative emotions, including fear. Also the pioneer of the Close The Gap methodology which I designed whilst coaching 100’s clients in London.

Currently, 2017 I am specialising in coaching and teaching female leaders and executives to heal and let go of emotional abuse and abandonment so that they can learn to love and accept their feminine self “in a man’s corporate/business world”. I strongly believe that for the world to become a better place, we need more of an feminine influence. Hence I am on a quest to foster women that will make the difference in the world.

I currently run a corporate coaching programme called “Beyond boardroom abuse” for women. I also run a series of “Be the Change” workshops and seminars with my team that are designed to create real time emotional transformation for people.

In 2017 I shall be authoring my first book #Feel it…….a way to resolve the number one problem in the world, emotional pain & suffering.

My vision is to help 100 million people to let go of emotional and pain and suffering over the next 10 years so that people can reconnect to their spiritual self. Click vision to learn more about it.


Personal journey 

So where do I begin. My own pain and suffering has been the catalyst for my professional work. I have always felt a very strong sense of purpose. Guided by something bigger than myself. Shifting the consciousness of humanity has always been my number one intention in life.

As a child I had a stammer hence was not able to speak fluently. Not until my early 30’s did I manage to heal the stammer. This was after many speech therapists telling me that the best I could hope for was semi fluent speech.

In hindsight, a blessing that occurred in my childhood was the abuse and abandonment that I experienced. Sexual abuse at the age of 4 at the hands of a neighbour. Emotional abandonment by my father. (He’s a supportive father but I just didn’t see that for years) and a whole host of other painful events that I witnessed in my childhood that frankly tore my identity to shreds. A lack of self acceptance was the norm for me for most of my life.

In my mid 20’s, as my unconscious baggage pilled up, I become suicidal. Not saying that I would have committed the crime but my pain & depression was becoming unbearable. This is when I prayed to the Gods, I promised if life helped me to transform my problems, I would spent the rest of my life in service to humanity. My life did start changing, when I had the realisation that I was the source of my suffering. Not the world.

Over the next 10 years, I went on a profound spiritual, self transcendent, explorative journey.  Part of this transformative journey was the moment outside my final ever job I did, when I had the intuitive insight into a method to heal my emotional pain and suffering, that no one had taught me, This tool is called Emotional Acceptance. This tool, I used to dive into my unconscious and relieve myself of my resistance towards myself and life. This allowed me to go from self loathing to self love over a period of 7 years. Where once upon a time, I had severed my connection to my body due to negative emotions that were stored in there, I managed to restore this connection and feel life again. Experiencing profound spiritual and mystical connection to myself and the intelligence behind life. I still have vivid memories of the moment my heart opened up on a profound energetic level, after years of healing away the walls of protection and hurt.

Having seen a broken boy/man in the mirror transform himself into a whole man, I have found peace in who I am. This journey has given me evidence that our mind-body-soul are equipped to transcend the limited & experience the unlimited. Hence my own journey has inspired me and allowed me to understand the human condition/psyche, hence make a difference to the lives of other people. I have first hand experience with myself and my clients that our emotional intelligence is THE most important factor for our individual sanity and the collective consciousness at large. How we feel on the inside, could make or break our planet.

If you feel called to touch base with me, please do so. I would love to connect with you. Either email me via contact me or find me on facebook or twitter

With love and blessings.