Stop perving on your inspiration

In my previous blog, I wrote about overcoming perfection and how it is a symptom of underlying fear of not feeling good enough or worthy enough.

Today I come to you with another masterpiece. 😉  I’d like to talk to you about inspiration Vs desperation. Firstly as I had said in the previous blog, imperfection can halt the best of work. A fear that just stops you in your tracks. But this comes with a disclaimer today. There is no point in giving yourself permission to be imperfect so that you can get your work out into the world, if you are not inspired.

wallpaperart_inspiration1I know many experts advocate a no matter what happens get your work out into the world stance. And I guess this has its place, if you’re a novice in knowing how your being operates (Don’t beat yourself up for this. None of us were given a handbook) and as a result you often find yourself procrastinating out of a fear of not being perfect with your work.

But if you are becoming a seasoned professional in knowing yourself and how the human hardware and software operates, you’ll know that inspiration comes from spirit – the deeper, unknown part of you that strikes by handing down inspiration when it sees fit. Therefore as much as your ego would like to feel in control of your inspiration, it is not! This responsibility is left up to your higher self or all knowing self.

Having spent a decade working on my evolution, I have first hand experience of forcing inspiration. And does it work? HELL NO! For years much frustration arose when I could not summon inspiration at will. You see forcing inspiration by pushing that work out the door is of the same ilk as imperfection. It is driven by fear.

The fear that you won’t get your opportunity for success, If you don’t go at it hammer and tong. This is the vein in which most work environments are fostered. Working hard is not the way of grace. “Hard” is an en-doctored human condition. Work-ease is in my vocabulary instead. Note I did not say work-easy! Easy would imply you don’t take your work seriously. Trust I do.

Therefore ask existence for inspiration. Inspiration is your queue to go, go, go. When the spark it there, don’t take your foot off the pedal, metaphorically speaking until your spirit has poured itself on that paper like a good ol’ orgasm. Wow, getting hot in here 😉

Now if you are unable to distinguish between when inspiration is absent versus when imperfection is present, hence stopping you from acting, let me explain. When inspiration is present and you can not act, it is imperfection that is in play. This is the time for you to give yourself permission to carry out your activity with absolute imperfection. As God would say “go on kid, F@$k it up, good and proper. I won’t judge” On the other hand, if no spark exists in your belly, put down that bastard pen or what ever your instrument of choice is and trust that the glorious thunder will strike you lucky once again, sooner than you think.  Also read this wicked article if you are stuck in the land of imperfection.

Inspiration is your divine right. It is the passage that calls forth the work you have been assigned whilst in this life time. Your inspiration is yours alone. No one will steal it. Scouts promise. So i give you permission to relax. Until next time my most bodacious dude. Girls can be dudes to you know 🙂

Lots of love


p.s I will leave you with a brilliant passage about inspiration, by Joseph Campbell, from the Heroes journey

“Just as anyone who listens to the muse will hear, you can write out of your own intention or out of inspiration. There is such a thing. It comes up and talks. And those who have heard deeply the rhythms and hymns of the gods, the words of the gods, can recite those hymns in such a way that the gods will be attracted.” 


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