A blog that took 10 years to write

Before I get into the blogging of topics that I am passionate about in this personal blog, I wanted to share with you the reason that I have launched this blog. This first blog on my name sake website has been 10 long years in the making! Why? Well because I first bought this domain many years ago, Over this period of time, I had a company website called Guru Coach but the idea of using my own name as a personal blog filled me with dread

The dread came from a place of self loathing. I just didn’t like myself very much. I didn’t even like my own name very much, therefore why would I associate with it in such a public way. I even remember back in the day, when I had a stammer, the one word that I couldn’t speak or struggled to speak when asked was Vineet! My own name. The association to my own name was just to painful.10years


Fast forward the clocks 10 years, having managed to make a 180 degree turnaround (not 360 degree because that would mean that I end up in the same place. Just a little unknown fact 😉 )in how I feel about myself, I find myself at a place where I am very very comfortable in my own skin. Hence I see this blog as a personal milestone and an extension of me and my life’s work

Now I am aware that ME may not interest you as much as YOU! Don’t feel bad. The truth is that you are the centre of your universe, therefore you’d like this blog to help you and assist you. I get it. This blog will cater for your every whim and need. Almost 😉 By putting me first. What! You think. The content of this blog will reflect me. It will honour that which is in my heart. It will honour the words that so badly want to be uttered by my lips. It will honour the yearning of my soul. It will honour the creativity that is trying to gush out of my seems. By honouring me fully or honouring me period. As the Americans say, I get to honour you. If I do not honour that which is true to me, I can never fully honour you because I will be approaching you with an emptiness. An emptiness that can offer you nothing. When my light is on, I can share it with you. When my light is off, I have no light for myself, let alone for you.

The sort of stuff that I shall be sharing with you will be topics like consciousness (fancy word for all things psychological, emotional & spiritual), Business (A vehicle for change in the world if done with integrity), Sexuality (sush, we don’t talk about such things publicly), Creativity (We all yearn to create) & futurist/visionary/trippy things (Cool, out there stuff). The thread that ties these topics together is not only that I am passionate and called to write about these things, but also that the cross section of these diverse conversations will hopefully fulfil my personal work to make the planet a better place and helps its inhabitants to live more sacred lives. Posh word for The Good Life 🙂 Ok, so ready to cross the rubicon with me? There is no other way. Lots of Love Vineet

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